Gulf Gear LD 80W-90

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Gulf Gear LD 80W-90: Gulf Gear LD is a supreme performance heavy duty axle oil specifically designed to meet the requirements of highly loaded axles used in latest generation commercial vehicles.

It is formulated from high quality base stocks and latest additive technology for commercial vehicle rear axle applications to provide extended oil drain periods, enhanced load carrying, improved fuel economy and thermal stability combined with seals performance.

The product meets Daimler’s latest MB 235.20 axle oil specification and the requirements of major OEMs for transmission oils.

Features & Benefits – Gulf Gear LD 80W-90

  • Excellent load carrying capabilities and thermo-oxidative stability facilitate longer component life and extended oil drain interval.
  • Stable viscometrics provide optimal film thickness, component protection, low temperature oil flow and maintain efficiency over extended period.
  • Effective rust and corrosion protection reduces wear and extends component life
  • Good anti-foam properties ensure film strength for effective lubrication
  • Improved dynamic seal performance prevents leakages and deposits even in extended duration.


  • Exclusively developed for Mercedes-Benz HL-6 axles and also for applications requiring axle oil meeting MB 235.0 and MB 235.6 specification for enhanced performance.
  • Heavy duty on-highway vehicles and off-highway equipment transmissions, axles and final drives where API GL-5, API MT-1 or SAE J 2360 quality oils are specified
  • Other heavy-duty applications involving hypoid and other gears operating under severe conditions like high speed/shock load and/or low speed/high torque
  • Not suitable for automatic transmissions.

Product Sheet

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