Gulf Formula ULE 5W-30

Advanced performance catalyst synthetic mid saps motor oils, for engines requiring ACEA C3 oils. Recommended for Euro 4 low emission passenger cars VW, BMW, Mercedes and Japanese OEMs powered by both gasoline and diesel engines fitted with DPF.

Specifications and Approvals:
5W-30: ACEA C3

API SN I GM dexos 2™  VW 502 00 I 505 00, 505 01 I BMW LL-04 I
MB Approval 229.51

Pack Size:
IBC, 200L, 60L,20L, 5L, 4L, 1L

Product Sheet

Product Description

Features & Benefits -Gulf Formula ULE 5W30

  • Low ash content reduces particulate build-up in diesel particulate filters
  • Outstanding thermo-oxidative stability reduces oil degradation and enables extended drain intervals
  • Unique additive chemistry reduces soot related thickening and wear.
  •  Latest mid SAPS additive technology minimises poisoning of TWC (Three Way Catalyst) and prolongs life of after treatment devices used in latest passenger cars
  • Active cleaning agents reduces piston deposits and sludge build-up facilitating extended engine life
  • Excellent low temperature property aids cold start and protects against wear at start-up

Applications -Gulf Formula ULE 5W30

  • All gasoline and diesel engines in MB and Volkswagen cars meeting Euro 4 , Euro 5 & Euro 6 emission norms & requiring mid SAPS oils meeting MB 229.51 and VW 505 00 & 505 01 quality respectively.
  • All BMW gasoline and diesel cars meeting Euro 4, Euro 5 & Euro 6 emission norms and fitted with particulate filters across the world especially in Europe.
  • SAE 5W-40 is approved against Porsche Engine Oil Category “Porsche A40” for use in all Porsche cars as of model year 1994, except Cayenne V6 for long drain and Cayenne Diesel.
  • Modern passenger cars, SUVs, light vans & trucks powered by both gasoline and diesel engines requiring API SN and ACEA C3 quality oils (SAE 5W-30 & SAE 5W-40).

Product Sheet

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