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200L, 60L,20L, 4L, 1L

Product Sheet

Product Description

  • Gulf ATF DX III is a high performance automatic transmission fluid for all General Motors and Ford automatic transmissions requiring DEXRON®-III G or MERCON® quality fluids respectively.
  • It exceeds the performance requirements of General Motors DEXRON® III G and Ford MERCON® specifications.Applications -Gulf ATF DX III


  • Recommended for all vehicles of Ford requiring MERCON® quality fluids and General Motors requiring DEXRON® -III G quality fluids.
  • Being back serviceable, it is a also recommended for automatic transmissions requiring General
    Motors DEXRON®
    II E or DEXRON®
    II D fluids
  • Also recommended for power steering systems, hydraulic applications and certain manual transmissions where such type of fluids are specified

Product Sheet

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